Budget creation and management

In this module you can register all opportunities, as well as create multiple proposals associated with a project. The proposals are based on all the resource tables (equipment, collaborators, vehicles, others) as well as the commercial conditions previously defined.

With awarding, the event is automatically created and the budgeted resources are carried over to the event.



Opportunity Management

Track the status of each budget, create alerts and monitor your success rate.

Price lists, rules and discounts

possibility to have several price tables per entity and creation of discount policies, client, group, equipment family, etc.

print templates

 possibility of having several print templates, so that you can adapt the budget presentation according to your needs.

Version control

Possibility of having one or more proposals associated with a project, and proposal version generation and control. 


Total control of the status of budgets, with alerts and notifications to stakeholders, so that no commitment is missed.


Filling in all the information regarding the project and its location, with the help of google maps.


Overview of the entire budget, categorised by resource and with the possibility of editing by line.