Implementation and control

Small solutions that make a difference

Find out exactly what is happening at the event.


Control the execution of activities through the start, pause and end of the tasks of each employee or team leader. All this through mobile APPs (IOS or Android). 


Ehis solution helps you to record and process the actual vs. planned times. This gives you a perfect overview of the times consumed for each task and whether they are in accordance with the initial planning.


Expected vs actual times

Compare in a simple and quick way everything that was planned with the execution. 

Team management

possibility of creating fixed teams, or creating them when planning events.

Event info

All relevant information available in the app, so that the project is executed as planned. possibility to share files related to the project.

Real time information

information on the execution of the event on the fly. complete monitoring of tasks in execution, which teams or collaborators are already on the ground and with tasks already started.


approve or reject tasks

In addition to access to the platform, users can accept or reject jobs via smartphone. with native apps for IOS or Android, any user can be to their area via app.

Event info

in app

All the necessary information about the events via app. namely information on addresses, contacts, teams involved, as well as equipment and vehicles involved.

Time control

start and end of tasks

Any employee can start and close tasks in the app. This way, in a centralised way and simply by monitoring, you can see which tasks are being carried out and who is in the field.