Overview of agendas

Using the agendas (events, vehicles, employees, equipment) you get an overview of the events and their resource allocations by time period (hour, day, month, year).

External Resources

In addition to managing internal resources, workplanit allows you to manage the subcontracting required for all types of events. Thus, in a simple and quick way, contact external entities to meet your needs, whether they are materials, employees, vehicles or others.


It allows for efficient control of employees and resources (equipment, displays, etc.) in events and projects.


Workplanit automatically integrates information and data from other tools or platforms on the market.
Multiplatform - available via web, smartphone or tablet.


Workplanit presents a user friendly interface that guarantees a quick mastery of the platform and great ease of use.

Data analytics

Possibility of creating intuitive dashboards and lists, which can help on a daily basis for a more efficient management of resources. This tool included in the platform allows you to answer any type of question you may need for a more effective decision making. 



It is a web platform that works as a preferential tool for companies and spaces, linked to the industry of production of events and shows.
Using only Workplanit you can streamline processes and tasks, increase efficiency and productivity in managing the availability of your resources (whether employees, equipment, vehicles or spaces) allocated to events.

Users can access it from virtually anywhere with just an internet connection.

Its compatibility with smartphones and tablets allows an "on the go" use for the employee, allowing quick access to all the information about the events.

In this Workplanit module you can easily and intuitively create and manage budgets for projects and events.

When creating a new event (project) it is possible to immediately create the budget and send it to your client. If this is approved by the client, the event changes its status on the platform to Awarded.

In parallel, non-financial documents such as pro-forma invoices and supplier purchase orders are automatically generated.

Agenda of events

With the agenda you get an overview of planned events and projects by time period (days, week or month).

Information on the current status of events by assigning different colours in the calendar for easy understanding and information for all users.

Provides a list of users associated with the event (indicating their availability at the time) for quick exchange of information and contact.

Employee Area

Workplanit was designed with platform users in mind as well:

Thus, through this functionality it is possible:

  • Holiday consultation and booking;
  • Holiday approval workflow;
  • Global control panel for holidays of the various employees;
  • Absence consultation (monthly changes);
  • Viewing and printing pay slips online;
  • Recording of employees' expenses.

Resource allocation and monitoring

With Workplanit you can quickly assign employees, equipment and vehicles to events using the intuitive drag & drop function.

When you have finished allocating resources for an event, the collaborators you have selected will be notified of their tasks and roles in the event.

By confirming the notifications, employees have the information automatically saved in their calendars.

In a single module, monitor all resources: employees' agendas, equipment, vehicles and spaces


Equipment management is the cornerstone of the balance between ensuring sufficient stock to meet your customers' needs, and avoiding purchase or rental in a particular busy period.

For this, Workplanit is fundamental, allowing an efficient and real-time control of the available equipment, facilitating administrative processes and minimizing operational errors. The availability time of a product from its departure to an event until it returns to the warehouse is crucial for an error-free management.

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